Manning The Davit Ropes.

1/26/17   Jim's Rant For The Day. Manning The Davit Ropes.

I'll be honest with you, the one and only time I was in a topless bar, now that was wishful thinking. But I don't think it is wishful thinking as to what I see now. I honestly see Trump manning the lifeboats ahead of time.

I have long predicted that in the event of collapse we would first seal our borders, then restrict imports so our workforce has a place to go, then we would throw out the bankers. That is getting down to basic survival.

What is Trump doing? First he seals the borders with a Wall and shutting down TPP while hinting at renegotiating all other trade treaties. Then he begins focusing on creating jobs and manufacturing in America. To me it is textbook so far. But here is the big surprise – he is continuing to allow the Main Street News Media to destroy themselves and at the same time is going after future voting fraud. That is very telling.

If he were a tyrant he would just take over the press and own them for his own use later on. But no, he is allowing them to fall and hopefully letting a new form of free press arise in their place. He is playing it straight. The voting fraud gives the people back their control.

Here is what I see. Trump is manning the ropes to lower the lifeboats from their davits into the sea. He is setting things in motion, for perhaps up to six months for them to take effect, but the process is beginning. Just as the boats settle in the water he will destroy the bankers grip on us. When the ship begins to go down, the Cabal, our heretofore Ship Captain, without it's press and vote fraud, will not be able to take control of those life boats. Hopefully they will go down with the ship. This may not be as pretty a sight as the one at the topless bar, but it's sure close.