Awful Hitler

1/27/17     Jim's Rant For The Day.   Awful Hitler

Our history has been intentionally obscured from us by those that control our minds. I think most readers of this blog now understand and appreciate the havoc caused by this.

Now let's address the most awful villain from the last century – Adolf Hitler. Did you know that up until 1939 school kids in the U.S. said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag with the “Hitler Salute” to the flag? But now we are indoctrinated to think anyone who ever gave a stiff arm is pure evil, including our own parentage. How ironical.

Germany lost WWI, which began as a free for all by numerous countries trying to make a land grab in Europe. Germany was one of the last countries to join in the fray. But because it ultimately lost, it was charged with paying everybody back for their financial losses, an impossible task. Their economy had collapsed and there was no food to feed the masses, as it was sold for gold for war reparations. The year before Hitler took power there were about 250,000 suicides in Germany.

When Hitler came into power he closed the border, created manufacturing, built a military to give refuge to the unemployed, then he did the dastardly deed of exiling the banksters and creating government currency, interest free. Within a few years Germany had the strongest economy ever imagined; the envy of all other major countries. Hitler was the the Man Of The Year for Time Magazine in 1939.

Soon this terrified the dying British Empire who was then joined by the Global Banksters who feared other economies might follow Germany's example of discharging the Banksters, much like Saddam Hussein attempted to do in Iraq. Therefore the world demonized Hitler and declared war on him in order to save their pocket books.

I repeat this here again because Trump is following Hitler's cookbook in rebuilding a destroyed economy. But let's be clear here, rebuilding a country's destroyed economy is not an evil thing, it is the heroic and humane thing to do. Likewise, expelling blood sucking Banksters is not an evil act either, it is most humane to free the masses.

So now we will just have to wait and see how the Banksters react to President Trump's moves.