Sun Tzu's First Mission Accomplished.

1/31/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Sun Tzu's First Mission Accomplished.

Sun Tzu wrote his text, “Art Of War” in 500 BC, and it is still relevant and respected today, being studied in military colleges around the world.

As the story behind it goes, the king of a small Chinese province summoned Sun Tzu for a demonstration of his military knowledge in hopes Sun Tzu could help save his small province from a much larger aggressor province.

The king asked if he could train the spoiled concubine women of the court to be soldiers. Sun Tzu took the challenge. Two women were appointed as Platoon Leaders and they were trained in cadence maneuvers. When well trained, a demonstration was arranged for the king. Upon Sun Tzu's command to execute, the women just giggled. A second time he ordered they again just giggled. Sun Tzu then drew his sword and lobbed off the heads of the two leaders. After appointing new leaders, on order, the women executed immediately as one.

Sun Tzu then explained to the king that the first mission of an army is to learn that it is in a life or death struggle. Sun Tzu got the job. So did Donald Trump. Last night he lobbed off the heads of the Acting Head of the Department of Justice as well as the head of the Immigration Control Department.

Irrespective of how you feel about Trump, you have to concede that “Donald Trump don't play”!