Way Around Congress.

2/1/17    Jim's Rant For The day.   Way Around Congress.

Just for the sake of discussion, let us assume that the Democrats and Republicans intend to stall forever in approving Trumps cabinet nominees. This would certainly make the elite happy in ham-stringing the President in his initiatives. How do you think Trump might react to this?

I think that he will wait enough time for the public to realize the breakdown in Congress to serve the people thus generating public support for Trump's reaction to Congress. That must be step one – to garner public support for an end run around Congress.

I see the possibility for Step 2 being something like this. Secure a payroll for the nominees first, perhaps by putting them on the Pentagon's payroll or, heaven forbid, the CIA's black budget.

Then all Trump has to do is create an informal Liaison position between himself and the various Government Departments that are missing their Cabinet Leaders. Of course, the legal decisions and orders would have to be done by those department's Acting Heads, but hopefully all will know what is really going on here. Don't forget that Trump has the authority to fire Acting Department Heads, as recently demonstrated.

Might this raise Constitutional Questions? You betcha! But so too should a Congress that risks the health and well being of the country just to snub the President and advance their criminal business interests, while at the same time continuing to destroy that Constitution.

Now I admit this would be a dangerous move on Trump's part, but realize that more than likely we will be in chaos from a Financial Collapse left on his doorstep by that elite group. That would certainly be a bad time to run a large organization like the government leaderless, right?

Has a radical move equal to this ever been done in our history before? Some say yes. When the Civil War broke out Lincoln was faced with a similar Constitutional dilemma. Half of congress walked out heading South. How can the government legally carry on? Was congress filled 100% with just Yankee congressman present or was it half filled because the North did not recognize the Confederacy? Lincoln declared Martial Law and winged his way through that period, that is how he did it. Was it right and Constitutional? We don't know; we just accept it.

Will the country accept such a move by Trump? We don't know, as the true test for such a move is time. God help us for what we might be in store for! Your Thoughts?

                          Source:    ResetUS.us