Unfrauding The Fraud.

2/5/17   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Unfrauding The Fraud.

Yesterday I posted an interview with Gregory Mannarino. I hope you watch it. His position is that the Cabal has enslaved us for centuries by their controlling the creation of currency; that the banking system requires the growth of debt to survive; that the best debt growth is financed wars; Trump realizes the Cabal truly runs the show; and the Cabal will never allow debt forgiveness (Reset). Therefore, we will remain slaves or the whole money system will collapse into chaos and we will be cavemen again. [my paraphrasing.]

I greatly respect anything Mannarino says. He restated the situation accurately. However, there is a window of escape he does not see.

Under law, any contract entered under fraud is voidable by the victim – the contract no longer exists. Simply put, that is our answer. I know you are saying, “Holy crap Jim, they own the legal system, you fool!” And right you are, they do. Perhaps I blurted out the solution window too soon. Let me try again.

What Mannarino meant is that if the world lost all faith in the Cabal's fiat currency, we would be like the Tower of Babel in that we could no longer deal with each other. Besides, the Cabal will never let us forgive the debt.

But let's change tack here. Suppose a million dollar bale of pot washed up on shore and the cops seize it. Do you believe the rightful owner will show up in court to retrieve it? The answer is only if he is a fool or he owns the judge.

Now suppose all the world says that because of the fraud, and because we all recognize it, we will unilaterally void the contract with the Cabal, and from now on each nation will take control of its own currency, interest free. This would negate ALL interest due to the Cabal, and selectively, most debt due to them. This will also leave intact the use of currency to continue trade and avoid trade collapse, right? Now here's the fun part: because we are a lawful race, we will let the Cabal show up in court to fetch their interest back. Shoot 'em.

                  Source:    ResetUs.us