Rightie Lefties.

2/9/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Rightie Lefties.

When I was in Catholic grade school I was horrified to see the nuns force lefties to learn to write with their right hands, then grade them poorly for their penmanship. Even back then, around the seventh or eighth grade, I realized that it wasn't the decision of the nuns themselves to be so cruel as they were only following orders from someone higher up the chain. But just the same, lives and personal egos of Lefties were decimated.

Betsy DeVos is now our new Secretary of Education after a hard fight to be approved by congress. Her biggest hurdle was that she has no experience in public education, but rather is devoted to Charter schools and home schooling. This brought out the ire of the education unions, understandably.

Sometimes, decisions are made and are blindly followed just because, even though those decisions are absolutely wrong. Sometimes it takes a fresh mind to walk in and see the unobvious that is obvious to an outsider. Such was the case with the Rightie Lefties.

Perhaps a few bad decisions have been made in the 36 year history of the Federal Dept. of Education, such as cutting out the ability of a student to do critical thinking. I wonder how our current school system would have treated the likes of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Dr. Martin Luther King, etc.

If you have seen the recent movie, Spare Parts, the true story of High School kids forming a club and beating out thirteen universities in a competition to engineer an underwater robot, you would appreciate critical thinking. But realize they did not get that in their schooling, they learned it on their own.

Thank you Betsy for stepping forward. The nation needs you!

                        Source:    ResetUs.us