Face Of Soros.

2/10/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Face Of Soros.

Numerous articles have been published the past few months suggesting Trump needs to arrest George Soros for financing the violent left street radicals that are causing havoc. There are stories that show Soros is the money provider for many groups of “them” that are opposed to “us.” It all sounds great, accurate and an action that needs to be taken, right?

Don't fall for it. That is why I have not bothered to post a single one of the articles. It is all wishful thinking, like a wisp of smoke. The minute you try to look at it it will be gone. What the Cabal is doing is putting a face on it's act of trying to keep control over us. They are pushing the face of Soros at us so we all recognize him in case we encounter him in the grocery store, that sorry SOB.

They are again giving us the lone nut to chase after. The SODDI defense all over again, “Some Other Dude Did It!” It is still the Cabal, generating the plan, promoting the action, financing it all, but running it through the face of George Soros, their minion. Stay on the hunt and don't get sidetracked.

                                Source:    ResetUS.us