Three Weeks N Pudding.

2/13/17   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Three Weeks N Pudding.

Well Folks, Trump has been President for three whole weeks now! Everybody wants to know if he is the real thing or a Cabal Stooge to turn on us later. Scary, ain't it? Let's face it, we really got burned by Obama so caution is certainly understandable here. So is he the real thing or not? At the end of this article I will share with you the gauge to use in getting to the bottom of this pudding, OK?

In the meantime, this is what I see him going after in just those three weeks. Declaring war on gangs; declaring war on Drug Cartels in the U.S.; closing the border; meeting with MAJOR world leaders, hopefully to calm the world down in wars, those are just the highlights. And speaking of lights, all of this is being done in the dark as there may be a conspiracy to Stop Trump by turning out all the lights in the rooms he enters. So for three weeks I give him an A Plus.

But now on to the proof of the pudding. First note that since Trump was elected the drought in California mysteriously disappeared. Could it be that the Cabal saw the handwriting on the wall and stopped wasting money on that project because Trump was going to stop it anyway when he was inaugurated? But that is not the test, just merely a warm up.

Here is the test. Now I know that it has only been three weeks since his inauguration, but have you noticed that there has been a quietness in the world of mass shootings in the U.S. that somehow appear to coincide with police drills at the time and a serous confusion as to how many shooters there actually were? I know, its only been three weeks for Trump and three months since the election (that was in question by the Cabal). So here's the proof: The longer we go without a clearly staged hoax mass shooting, the more real Donald Trump is, because we are now going back to the rule of law and the hoaxer agencies will no longer risk a Terrorism charge. So pick up the three weeks and continue counting.