Night-Light Scared – Restatement.

2/16/17   Jim's Rant For The Day. Night-Light Scared – Restatement.

I'll be honest with you, I am so scared that the last two nights I had to sleep with a night-light on! The first night a storm was threatening so I told my wife it was a precaution. Last night I told her it was in case I had to jump up and run with scissors. I don't know what I am going to say tonight.

General Flynn's resignation scared me to death; I felt like Trump should have stood his ground and backed him. But then I am guessing at the real facts and situation. Flynn was the brains behind the Drain The Swamp move in that he knew what needed to be done. But in theory, now he is gone (perhaps).

My problem is I cannot really express my thoughts on all of this because of my birthplace. I am in the South, and besides a drawl I am submissive to manners. It is unmannerly to talk about the dead until they realize they are dead. I don't know if Trump is derailed or not so let's just wait a while longer and see. In the meantime, allow me to restate how some major players (Yankees) see things stacking up. This will be done in a random order.

Jim Snyder feels we are witnessing a civil war between the Deep State (Cabal, Spy Alphabets, Bankers, etc.) and Trump. The Deep state is in all out panic now because of Trump's aggressive start.

X22 Report's Dave feels that Trump is in major trouble now and must collapse the financial system within the next three months to regain the ability to bring back jobs and destroy the Cabal.

Ben Fulford agrees that we are in the fight for our future now with the Cabal, period. The Reset is on hold while we and China gain composure over our countries.

Clif High predicts that from March through May more information will be released that will prove to the disenchanted Left that what they are doing is based on facts that will be no longer true and they will abandon their support of the Cabal's movement.

WikiLeaks has been hinting for seven days that something explosive is about to be released. I recall that last month Clif High predicted that around February 19th major information will be released that will get the full attention of the masses.

A slew of Economists say that the financial system is going down now. Japan, Iran, Russia and China are openly leaving the Petro-Dollar as we speak. The Banksters must get a war going to bring them back into the dollar or risk losing all the world's countries. The banksters also need to make a great big loan to the world so they can continue the banking scam. A nuclear war is just the project to do this.

Morning Joe (MSNBC) & CNN have banned The White House spokesman, Kellyanne Conway from their show. This signals their new reaction to just tell you propaganda only from now on so just get used to it. They are desperate and dying.

Federal Reserve says it ain't their fault and have no clue.

Michael Rivero says Trump has got to put it all out there, full disclosure, and show the masses all about the 911 event, the Deep State's control over the government, banker enslavement and their world plans.

U.S. Military - Not a peep.

Jim: A twenty watt light does just fine.