2/18/17    Jim's Rant For The Day. BeetleJuice

We are all familiar with the Military tactic of “Broken Arrow”. Whenever a U.S. military position is about to be overrun or captured that base commander issues the order of “Broken Arrow” and all available strike aircraft must come to his aid.

Here I have been sweating Trump having to fight in two directions at once, an almost impossible task. He is trying to turn the U.S. economy and complete his campaign pledge, and at the same time defend his crown from the losing Cabal, if they are losing at all. But still, an impossible job.

In my last Rant I made a disparaging remark about the Military in that we have not heard a peep out of them about the attack on Trump as president. I apologize to the Military for that remark. It is not their job to make such a peep. They are right to remain quiet on the sidelines. That is the rule of law we are under.

But speaking of rule of law, Trump is also under certain rules of law. One such rule is that if he believes the government is in trouble he may command, "Broken Arrow” himself. It is called declaring Martial Law. At that point in time he is in total control of the Military, with officers under penalty of death to do their duty. That's right folks. It's on Trump to make the peep.

Here is what he might do to secure the executive office. Declare Martial Law, but only impacting the Cabal and forces trying to take the lawful government down. This might bypass civilian life completely. He could arrest the ringleaders orchestrating the government take down be it Obama, Sores, half of the CIA, or Joe Scarborough. He could limit certain news outlets to broadcast only four hours a day to choke off their remaining revenue and force them on the resale block.  It could be like a tag team wrestling match in which a double steps in the ring but leaves the audience alone.

It's kind of like the movie BeetleJuice, isn't it. All he's got to do is just say it.