Am I Straight?

3/6/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Am I Straight?

Have I got it straight, what's going on that is? I have spent the past two weeks in 5 to 8 hour meetings just about every day. We have new members joining our Fall-Back survival retreat. I have people calling me scared to death wondering what is going on geo-politically. That is why the website has been sparse in postings lately.

So I just got in an hour ago and started looking at what has been going on lately. Here's what I have. The public is sick of the Russian Talking crap of the Dems, as evidenced by the 80% approval rating of Trump's Congress speech. Now Trump is squealing about evidence that Obama did a Watergate on him. This apparently has the Dems terrified.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that progress is being made on the Pedo-Gate scandal; Obama may have been caught with his own Clinton Foundation type fund, that being a slush fund created by the Justice Department shaking down big clients for legal problems to disappear when a “donation” was made and this fund is the source of funding for Obama to use to “Stop Trump”.

And meanwhile again, John McCain may be caught with a similar “foundation” that took millions for the Russians in the past. Getting back to the wiretapped Trump, which appears to have started a few days after Bill Clinton plane chatted with Loretta Lynch on the tarmack, it appears that six Federal intelligence agencies were involved. And speaking of Loretta, the former Attorney General of the U.S., was recently on a Youtube advising all Democrats to go into the street to wreak havoc and blood in order to stop Trump – which is clearly inciting a riot and possibly is treason.

My questions to you the readers is, “Have I got everything straight here?” Wasn't this an old episode of General Hospital?