Deep Disappointment with the Deep State.

3/16/17     Jim's Rant For The Day.  Deep Disappointment with the Deep State.

I am not surprised but am deeply disappointed for Trump at the latest action taken by the Deep State. Last night they again blocked Trump's Travel Ban. The talking heads on TV are acknowledging that the recent court block will not hold up in the Supreme Court. So once again we have a shadow government actively destroying anything that Trump tries to put in motion.

Trump's presidency is under attack, plain and simple. Our nation is in a civil war with it's citizens on the sideline. We are mere spectators as a powerful group tries to complete the overthrow of our country, constitution and believed way of life.

I have lost friends, and to a degree family, because of my belief that a shadow government has seized power and we are in a civil war for our life. But so be it; I must be true to my convictions if I am to believe we can turn this thing around. I will accept their loss as the price for fighting back in a civil war.

I have slowed down on my postings because I am extremely busy and that there is little to say at this point. All we can do is watch the war go on. I just pray that the shadow government does not succeed in getting the U.S. into a war with North Korea as the shadow government is trying desperately to do at this very moment.

My hope is that soon Trump will be in position to start charging players with treason. That will prove his direction, solidify more citizens behind him and really shut the Main Street News down from leading the sheeple. This is my hope, but as always, be vigilant and prepared.

P.S.  My site is still under attack. I may move it to another web host and software soon, so look for a change in the next few weeks.