The truth is we don't know what the truth is anymore because we have accepted lies for so long.

The problems we face are so massive.  We must come together to resolve them by exploring all options available to us.  Our predicament is that so much technology, viable options, and alternatives not in the best interest of major corporations have been hidden from us for a long time. 

Under the scientific method, all possible options must be explored to their fullest in order to arrive at the best possible solution.  This behooves us to search for the truth behind all possible options to eliminate our preconceived biases and errors.

This might be done by convening Truth Commissions.        See:  Truth Commissions


In his book Looking Backward, written in 1863, Edward Bellamy describes the current economic system as one in which everyone is forced to lie in order to survive. To sell our product or services we must hype them as superior to all others, not reveal weaknesses and defects, obscure competitors’ benefits and make recommendations which we know  might not be in the buyer’s best interest.  Bellamy goes on to say that lying to survive is so rampant that if an angel came to earth and decided to stay and raise a family here he would have to join our economic system, a system that “would even perverse an angel”.

Michael Lerner goes even further in his book The Politics of Meaning in detailing the lies we must tell.  He describes a culture based on so many lies that we come to expect them from everybody all of the time.  We look each other straight in the face and no longer question the fact that we have just been lied to -- as if it should not bother us in the slightest. We come to expect it.  In fact it would be considered rude to call someone on it. And thus our whole culture is based on lies and untruths.

What a terrifying way to base a life on.

New home rule should change this as there would be nothing to lie about.  No one is trying to sell anything.  No one is being forced to take advantage of another.  There is nothing to conceal; no money or power shifting.  There is only the truth for all to share. Surely creating a culture based on truths is a turn in the right direction.  No lie!