Leadership Training



Because each volunteer may wish to participate in the governance of the community, leadership training classes are available here to help prepare each of us for that role.

Most Links are to a PDF file for easier printing.


 1.   Meeting Procedures:   Robert's Rules of Order                                 

                                    (15 Minute Overview Video
                                     66 Minute Video training by an attorney)

                      and                 Consensus.
2.   Critical Thinking

3.   Proposal Writing

4.   Personal Note Taking

5.   Project Review

6.   Project Management

7.   Truth Commissions

8.  Spotting Personalities Video by Jim Costa


 9.  Additional Training

          The website TRANSITION.US is dedicated to helping communities transcend the
          post peak oil and /or government collapse.  There is a wealth of knowledge
          in their recorded seminars that will help us relocalize our communities.

                                    Quick Overview:  Transition.US

                                    See:          http://transitionus.org

                                    Training:    http://transitionus.org/online_training_archives