The website TRANSITION.US is dedicated to helping communities transcend the
          post peak oil and /or government collapse by relocalizing.  There is a wealth of knowledge
          in their recorded seminars that will help us relocalize our communities.



  Their Action Plan is most aggressive:

A.  Get a core group together.

B   That group brainstorms all projects they would like to see done to improve the community.

C.   They then communicate with all clubs and groups locally. 
      Their purpose is to either find members to support one of the projects,
       or an existing group to adopt a particular project as its own.

D.  If no club adopts a particular project, a new group is created to support that project. 

E.  When all projects have found a home, a big bar-b-cue celebration is held to launch
     the new ventures, gain publicity and new members.  This is called the "Great Unleashing".

F.  After a year, the core group is disbanded.

G.  With this approach, all core group members are winners.

Transition Introduction
1 Hour Webinar